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Unser Praktikum bei bfkm – Woche 1



We are two girls who are coming from Milan to do our internship here.

It’s been a week since we’ve been here and now we’re going to tell you what we’ve done. At first, we started by looking better at the website and understanding more deeply what the company does, adding what they tell through social media.

Talking about social media, they asked us to do research on what other companies, very similar to this one, publish to take a cue on where they can improve in telling themselves and their values.

We watched their social channel and we identified the goal of the Instagram account and thought about what we could do to improve it.

We then started an editorial plan and did some mock-ups to demonstrate our social vision.

We finally recorded a video to tell more about us and how we are finding in the company to post on their social networks.

Things went very well during the week and we are happy with our work!

Giada & Miryea




Giana & Miryea